Congratulations on graduating from law school.  Now, your last roadblock to becoming a practicing attorney is taking the bar.  The bar is a grueling 2 months and some weeks marathon of reviewing everything you learned in 2 years of law school (final year is mostly electives). Taking the bar can be expensive.  Courses run in the thousands of dollars and unfortunately, study schedules do not leave much time for income earning.  To exacerbate the situation, most employers will not hire you until you’ve gotten confirmation that you actually passed the bar, which in most states can be mid to late October.  Below are a list of flexible employers you may want to consider while you are studying for the bar and awaiting your results:

  1. Lyft and Uber. These are the two most popular ride share companies and are perfect for those studying for the bar in or near a metropolitan city.  These companies provide the utmost flexibility and pay employees weekly.  An easy choice for people looking to take a break from the dungeon.
  2. UPS. Ever hear the phrase “UPS is hiring” they usually are and love students looking to earn extra income.  Although these hours are not as flexible as Lyft and Uber, the early morning shifts allow a bar studier to earn income early in the morning before commencing his/her study routine.  It also provides a great workout.
  3. Law Clerk for a Solo Attorney. As a recent graduate, this may seem to be beneath you, but you are not yet a practicing attorney.  Law Clerks enjoy the flexibility of being able to set their hours and stick to those hours.  You can be around just enough not to be a burden on an Attorney.  The upside is you never know, you could be hired after you crush the bar.
  4. Substitute teacher (February Bar Takers). What better way to earn income than to spend your day with 13 year olds that could care less about the res judicata. Substitute teachers are allowed the flexibility to set their own days when they work and substituting can provide a much needed day off from studying.

Study hard for that bar and remember to come up for air to engage in activities with friends and make some extra income to avoid your first case being an eviction proceeding.


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