By: the Millennial Esquire

Thanksgiving is coming up, and so is black Friday, so I wanted to give you all some not so serious knowledge. Whist waiting around in courtrooms for hours sometimes I wonder, are we more patient today than in 1995.  Brick and mortar stores have provided us with instant gratification for decades.  Yet they face their demise due to millennials.

How can that be?  Instead of traveling 15 minutes to a store, I’d rather spend an hour searching the internet and buying the same item.  All this knowing I won’t get it for at least 2 days.

Millennials rather put the work in upfront, and then patiently wait for our rewards.  You know what that makes us, a generation of delayed gratification (insert “flute clink”).  Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for reading my random Millennial Esquire posts.

Now, in true Millennial Esquire spirit, here are 5 ways Millennial Esquires are more patient than more experienced boomer Esquires:

  1. We don’t mind waiting a week to hear back from opposing counsel.
  2. We are okay with calling once and just leaving one voice message.
  3. We love when the judge takes a break right before our case is called (gives us time to check our phones).
  4. We don’t mind our client’s paying us the morning of the court date (we have PayPal).
  5. We’re younger than boomers, so we can patiently wait 30 years for a case to settle.

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